A detox is a detoxification regimen to eliminate harmful substances . According to the theory, a high-fat and high-sugar diet as well as excessive alcohol consumption and environmental toxins favor the accumulation of waste products in the organs.

Fasting is supposed to be Boost metabolism and relieve the intestines . The goals are rapid weight loss, the elimination of acids and a strengthening of the immune system.

Proponents recommend a detox also against persistent fatigue. After the body has cleaned itself, so the thesis, you feel much fitter and more productive.

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expiration and duration

During most detox cures you avoid solid foods . Instead, there are freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices . Drink is very important, but only water and unsweetened teas are allowed.

Coffee, sugary drinks, Tobacco and alcohol. Moderate physical activity in the form of walks, yoga exercises or swimming is desirable, but no high-performance sport .

The duration of a detox treatment varies between three days and three to four weeks. The procedure is also not uniform. While some detox cures only include drinks, others have specific foods on the plan.

Popular detox cures

Not all detox are the same. On the Internet you will find a lot of detoxification cures with different approaches.

base fasting

base fasting aims at the acid-base – Bringing the budget back into balance . The theory is that most people eat too much acidic foods. As a result, the body is over-acidic.

During an alkaline detox, you can completely eliminate acidic foods for two weeks. This includes meat, cheese, fish, dairy products, desserts and alcohol. Green light is available for basic foods . These are mainly fruit and vegetables, whole grain products and legumes.

Nutrition experts doubt the need for a purely alkaline diet. The acid-base balance regulates itself in a healthy body. However, this diet is not fundamentally unhealthy as it contains a lot of fruit and vegetables.

therapeutic fasting

During the therapeutic fasting you completely avoid solid food for five to seven days . In addition to water and unsweetened tea , you can drink vegetable juices or a clear broth twice a day.

So that the body gets used to the deprivation of food, there are two relief days before the diet. During this time, only small portions and light meals are provided.

Some people clean their intestines with Glauber’s or Epsom salt before starting therapeutic fasting. The activity of the bowels decreases during the fasting period. Emptying it beforehand prevents gas and a feeling of fullness.

After the end of the therapeutic fasting, you should not immediately eat fatty, heavy foods such as meat, pizza or cakes. Fruits and vegetables are ideal for digestion to get used to solid food again .


This category includes a lot of detox diets that are mainly based on low-calorie food . For example, the following are popular:

  • the cabbage soup detox
  • the lemon juice cure (also known as lemon detox and master cleanse detox)
  • the tomato detox
  • the banana island detox

Whether other dishes are allowed depends on the diet. The duration also differs depending on the cure.

Detox mit einzelnen Lebensmitteln: sinnvoll oder unnötig?

Does a detox really bring something?

Opinions are divided about detox cures. Unfortunately there are hardly any well-founded studies on the subject. The main difficulty is that there is no scientific definition of detox. It is also not clear which toxins the body should excrete.

An Australian study in 2014 examined previous studies on the subject [1]. Many of them have found detox cures useful. However, the number of participants is too small and the methods are inadequate. Often, for example, a control group was missing.

The German Nutrition Society takes the view that detoxification cures are superfluous. A healthy body, according to her position, excretes harmful substances via the liver, intestines, kidneys and lungs. The term “slag” is therefore misleading.

Many doctors also rate fasting cures as critical because of the nutrient deficiency and the possible side effects. Others, however, see potential benefits in detox cures, even if they are not necessary. Above all, renouncing fat, alcohol and sugar is positive.

Detox-products and official statement

You can find numerous detox products on the market such as drinks, capsules and powders. Before buying, you should check the ingredients list carefully. While teas and juices usually do no harm, the consumer advice center warns against detox products based on zeolite [2].

Zeolites are silicates that bind substances. They should help eliminate toxins. However, they often contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury as well as arsenic.

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also urges caution with detox products . It is not uncommon for active ingredients in antidepressants and blood pressure medication to be found in the composition.

In Germany, several courts in 2015 and 2016 banned the designation “detox” for all products. According to one judgment, the designation suggests a health-related claim that does not exist .

Whom does a detox benefit?

If you want to lose weight quickly, you will surely reach your goal with a detox. With only 400 to 800 calories a day, you will lose weight quickly. However, you should consider the yo-yo effect.

Your body switches to the back burner during fasting. If you then return to your usual eating habits, the pounds will be back quickly. If you are overweight, experts therefore recommend a permanent change in diet and exercise.

Ultimately, it is the combination of a healthy lifestyle that, together with sensible detox measures, leads to a fit and strengthened organism. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and appropriate stress management are basic requirements.

Turmeric and regular alkaline baths with baking soda are already beneficial to an alkaline environment and a healthier intestinal flora.

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Side-effects of a detox-cure

The very low Calorie intake during a detox regimen can put a lot of strain on the body. Fatigue, circulatory problems, a feeling of weakness and headaches are common side effects.

Caution is also required when cleaning the colon. The consequences can be diarrhea, flatulence and indigestion.

For these reasons, a detoxification cure is not suitable for children and adolescents, senior citizens, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. Even people with chronic diseases such as diabetes should refrain from a detox cure.

In healthy adults, however, nothing speaks against a detox . However, experts advise to limit the fasting period. You should also stop the diet immediately if you feel unwell.