You want to eat a nutritious, healthy and low-carbohydrate diet, lose weight gently and increase your individual fitness without starving?

No problem; If you combine the two nutrition trends low carb and smoothies in a targeted manner, you supply your organism with a high concentration of essential, anti-inflammatory bioactive substances and encourage your body to draw energy from the body’s own fat cells.

These healthy drinks pamper you your body with an abundance of natural, pure micro- and macro-substances that sustainably dampen the body’s own inflammatory processes and gently stimulate the repair mechanisms of your body cells. Since smoothies contain finely chopped fibers from fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds, they are characterized by their first-class bioavailability, their pronounced nutritional value and their comparatively high satiety effect .

Binding If you include smoothies in your diet that you only make from low-carbohydrate foods, you effectively prevent hunger pangs, fatigue and tiredness, which are common side effects of dietary changes. At the same time, the high nutrient density of the low carb smoothies fuels your metabolism and supports your body in establishing a ketogenic metabolism.

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What makes these smoothies so popular?

Smoothies are a natural source of vitalising and anti-inflammatory nutrients. If you regularly feed your organism smoothies that you make from selected, natural raw materials, you slow down the body’s own inflammatory processes, fuel your metabolism, sustainably strengthen your immune system and actively promote your intestinal health.

If you permanently incorporate vital substance-rich smoothies into your eating habits, your entire organism will benefit from the abundance of regenerating, anti-inflammatory bioactive substances. Smoothies based on selected raw materials are a secret weapon against skin blemishes, inflammation, constipation, fat deposits as well as physical and mental exhaustion.

In particular, foods that combine a low calorie content with a high nutrient content are suitable for production due to their negative calorie balance Predestined for strengthening low carb smoothies. Ideal raw materials for this are, for example, cucumber, rocket, fennel and lamb’s lettuce.

If you consistently replace one of your main meals with nutrient-rich smoothies, your fat pads will reliably tumble. Combined with sufficient exercise and some training, you have the chance to become fitter and more sporty every day. The high fiber content from fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds favors a positive bacterial environment in your intestines and in this way strengthens your natural defenses.

Which ingredients are ideal for a low-carb smoothie?

Since a low-calorie diet inhibits the production of the happiness hormone serotonin, you should base your low Carb smoothies regularly use foods high in tryptophan. Raw materials that are rich in the amino acid tryptophan fuel the production of serotonin in the human brain and lift the mood . Actively increase your tryptophan intake.

Use primarily cashew nuts, cashew butter, sunflower seeds, wheat bran, quark, peanuts, peanut butter, sesame, almonds, almond butter, oat flakes and milk.

Raw materials that come from controlled organic cultivation have a comparatively higher nutrient density than conventional raw materials combined with a lower level of pollution. Therefore, primarily prefer foods from certified organic cultivation.

Due to their low carbohydrate content, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cucumber, rocket, lettuce, fennel, bell pepper, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, tomatoes and zucchini Suitable ingredients for a low carb smoothie with vegetables.

Apricots, watermelon, avocados, strawberries, papaya, gooseberries, grapefruit, blueberries, aceola cherries, raspberries, kiwis, cherries, olives, Currants, elderberries, blackberries, oranges and lemons are considered fruits with a low carbohydrate content .

From the group of nuts and seeds are chia seeds, peanuts, Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, flax seeds, walnuts and sunflower seeds compatible with the low carb concept.

Natural yogurt, kefir, quark and high-quality, anti-inflammatory vegetable oils such as hemp and linseed oil complement the raw materials that You use it to create the low carb smoothies You can.

Because of their high carbohydrate content, bananas, dried fruits and dates are not suitable for a low-calorie diet.

Green smoothies optimize your acid-base balance and flush out waste products which contribute to inflammation, wrinkles and blemishes. In the long term, smoothies promote vitality, health and beauty.

Low carb smoothie with cucumber and avocado


1/4 cucumber
1/2 avocado
1 cup of cold water and 1 splash Lime juice
1 teaspoon flax seeds or chia seeds
1 handful of fresh lettuce


  • Hollow out the avocado with a spoon
  • Roughly chop the pulp and put it in the blender
  • Wash the cucumber unpeeled
  • then cut the cucumber into small pieces
  • Wash and add the spinach leaves
  • Add some lime juice, chia or flax seeds and cold water
  • Mix at a slow speed at the beginning

If the smoothie is too thick for you, you can just add a little more Add cold water to get the desired consistency. Alternatively, you can enjoy a thicker low carb smoothie by eating it with a spoon. This low carb smoothie scores with numerous healthy fats contained in coconut milk.

Fruity low carb smoothie with orange and papaya Ingredients:

1/4 orange
1/4 papaya
1 / 4 cucumber and greens from two carrots
1 splash of lemon juice and 1 cup of cold water


  • Wash the papaya and cut into large pieces
  • Peel the orange
  • Put the orange and papaya in the blender
  • Wash the carrot leaves and cucumber thoroughly
  • Carrot leaves, cucumber . Pour lemon juice and water into the mixer
  • Mix slowly at first, later faster

Tip: Add some papaya seeds to the ingredients in the blender. They act as very good fiber. Furthermore, papaya kernels prevent fat from being absorbed. Papaya seeds have a slight antibiotic effect and strengthen your immune system. The kernels also give your smoothie a slight spiciness.

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This low carb smoothie will delight you with its tropical fresh taste. Papayas are low in calories. They contain split protein enzymes. They promote the breakdown of fat deposits and have a detoxifying effect. A low carb smoothie is therefore recommended if you want to lose weight.

Delicious low-carb raspberry smoothie

  • a cup of frozen raspberries
  • a teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • half a cup of kefir
  • half a cup of water
  • 20 g vanilla whey protein powder
  • a teaspoon of honey or xucker

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This drink is low in calories, but tastes really delicious and sweet. So it is a small sin for in between or a successful dessert that does not entail any remorse. Put all the ingredients in the blender in the recommended amount and your low-carb protein shake is ready. You can vary the honey depending on your taste.

Honey is a healthy alternative to sugar, so you can enjoy your smoothie a little sweeter!

Tips for a good smoothie

  1. In order to create a high-quality low-carb smoothie, only use raw materials from best quality and let yourself be inspired by your creativity.
  2. If you use raw materials that contain a high concentration of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K and E, refine your smoothies with a teaspoon of high-quality vegetable oil or a small amount of nut butter. This combination ensures that your organism utilizes the essential nutrients that are dissolved in the raw materials in the best possible way and stores them reliably in its nutrient depots.
  3. Focus on making vitamin-rich drinks that are your physical and improve mental fitness , slow down inflammation and prevent physical decline.
  4. If you want to give your smoothies an additional vitamin C kick, add one tablespoon of organic acerola juice to your drink. The acerola cherry is the fruit on earth richest in vitamin C and gently boosts your immune system.
  5. Acerola nut juice gives your drink a noble taste.