Nowadays the World Wide Web offers help in every situation, regardless of whether it is finding a partner, learning (and copying) for school and university, obtaining music or films and pornography or just for information about what is happening in the whole world, on the Internet you can find practically everything .

And, how could it be otherwise, the Internet is of course also an ever-growing source of information on bodybuilding and weight training. In addition to the more content-heavy pages, which mainly want to make knowledge available in article form, the Internet forums for the mutual exchange of experiences play a very special role.

Years ago in the entire German-speaking area only one such, the venerable and long since disappeared “Bodybuilding 2000 Forum” , there are dozens of them on the market today. Many smaller ones, which often do not have a long lifespan, but also some top dogs with user numbers that are well over 100,000 and in which it is like a dovecote. Everything is discussed here, regardless of whether it is the latest training systems, the best diets, the most effective supplements or, if not all, the correct use of aids.

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Exactly in the mass of information lies the problem

Especially beginners who want to find out more about ways in which they can improve their training or diet will be overwhelmed by this information . This happens all the easier as a beginner cannot have the knowledge to select what is useful and above all right for him from the large amount of information.

Now you could think that you just stick to the experienced users of such an Internet forum, but how do you know who really has experience? On the stored user profile? Hardly, since in most cases a few centimeters in circumference, kilograms or body fat percentages are cheated here, if such a profile is even available.

Images are also often not meaningful, as they are photographed from the most impossible camera angles to get through Allowing distortions to appear as massive as possible, provided that the images actually come from the user. Others, on the other hand, inflate the photographed muscle area (because only very few of them have full-body photos) beforehand to then sell the whole thing as photographed in a cold state.
There is a very simple reason why such manipulations are not noticed: Except for a few Exceptions are all users anonymous and so you cannot verify the information.

But of course there are also many advanced athletes with years of training experience, up to internationally successful competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters. What could be better than getting training tips from some of the best German-speaking athletes, especially since they usually like to provide information if you ask them nicely?

But this, too, is often associated with another phenomenon of Internet forums boycotted, the ubiquitous disrespect. (recommended for athletes steroide kaufen deutschland ) The anonymity makes it possible. No sooner has such an athlete posted some of his experiences than the conversation drifts in the direction of “what steroids do you take that you look like”.

Other “experts” come up with pseudoscientific gossip about why the athlete’s experiences are wrong, as they may be in contradiction to some of the theses that one of the numerous gurus advocates in another Internet forum. This goes so far that e.g. The technique of a world champion in powerlifting at the maximum attempt in the deadlift is criticized because you will soon injure yourself, or, for example, a top bodybuilding professional is told that in his video he only does half repetitions in shoulder presses and should train better for good shoulders .

People who just a few months ago didn’t even know how to spell the word “bodybuilding” tell seasoned, successful athletes how to train – a farce , similar to a football regulars table, where everyone thinks they are the better national coach. The only difference is that nobody would really tell Jogi Löw this, but you are anonymous in an Internet forum.

Unfortunately, it is also often the case there that the one who drums the loudest is also noticed the most is respected and it is often this clientele who have to add their mustard to every topic. Hand on heart, would you still like to give beginners tips?

Perhaps you are now wondering what all this has to do with the beginner in the introduction. Quite simply, you keep seeing young bodybuilders who want to find out more information on the Internet and then continue to ask, completely confused, with which training and nutritional system they can achieve their dream body fastest, get the fastest increase in strength and which supplements they use to achieve this best support. It is not uncommon for several of these programs to have been tried out for a few weeks and only very little progress has been made. When asked how they come up with all these ideas, they always answer: “I read that in Forum XY.”

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And that’s exactly where the dog is buried. For a beginner it is practically completely irrelevant which system he demands his body according to, as long as he does it intensely enough for him gives enough nutrients and then gives rest so that it can grow.

Train hard, eat a lot, sleep well, grow – that is the credo , which has produced generations of successful bodybuilders.

A beginner grows with any program, as long as he follows it in a disciplined manner over a longer period of time and does not throw everything over again after a few weeks he starts over every time. Don’t let all the pseudo-internet experts tell you otherwise, where everyone extols the holy grail. Most of them were just as beginners as you recently.